Wedding Videography Guide: Part 1

Wedding Videography and Cinematography Guide 101

Part 1: Taking the mystery out of all your wedding videography related questions

In meeting with brides for wedding videography consultations, we seem to frequently run into the same questions that the brides want to ask. So we’ve put together a little running guide (we’ll keep on updating it as we go along!) that we hope will be helpful for you as you go through the planning process in planning out your dream wedding!

  1. Why do I need wedding videography?

    From the way a professional wedding videographer can capture all the sights, sounds, and memories of your wedding day, to not having that regret afterwards, here are 5 reasons you should consider having wedding videography.

  2. How should I narrow down and choose the right wedding videography studio?

    Take a look in your local directory or Google, and there could be an overwhelming number of production teams wanting your wedding videography business.  Start by watching their portfolio work — all the previous films they’ve produced as wedding videographers. And read on for 5 hints on how to find and choose the perfect wedding video production.

  3. How important is it that I receive all the RAW, unedited footage, in my wedding videography package?

    Some wedding videographers will provide you with every second of footage they film, while others will not and only provide you with their finished product wedding video. Should you ask them to give you all the RAW unedited footage or is it not as important in the grand scheme of things? Read on!