What we do

A letter from one of our couples, Rachelle and Frank

Dear John,

John…. we have watched this video 10 times already, and will continue to watch it until we fall asleep. I cannot even explain the emotion I’m feeling. It is so beautiful. Thank you!! You’re amazing!

We have received so much positive feedback on the highlight video, too. I also had a few friends (who are getting married) contact me about your services. Not sure if they contacted you yet or not, but I had all great things to say!

We simply loved watching our wedding video. I had a lot of tearful moments. We like the song choices too 🙂 You captured such special memories for us. Thank you!

— Rachelle and Frank

Our vision

We believe that video is the only way to capture all the sights, sounds, and emotion of perhaps the most important day of your life. Our talented team of videographers is here for you, working hard to forever preserve all the laughter, tears and joy of your wedding day.

Our style

For us, videography isn’t just about carrying around a video camera and recording what happens. It’s about capturing truly beautiful scenes through the interaction of light, sound and motion. It’s about finding the right angles, combining creative shooting techniques with artistic story-telling. But most of all, it’s about preserving those moments that will be gone in a heartbeat.

A promise to you

We truly invest a lot of pride into crafting you a film that you will treasure forever. We hope that you will notice this as you watch a few of our previous wedding films in our portfolio.

What may not be most apparent from these videos though is how we feel about you, our bride and grooms. We’re humbled each and every time you place your trust in us to be there for your wedding. With this in mind, we value our relationship with you. From the initial consultation, through the wedding day, delivery of your film, and beyond, you can expect us to be professional, cordial, and enthusiastic to be a part of your life.

Like what we do?

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Photography by Jayme Morrison.

Welcome to the Perfect Shutter family, and we’re honoured to be a part of your family on your wedding day.

Best regards,

John, Samson, Ahmad and Samar.