Christine & Matt | Windsor and Detroit wedding videography

Christine & Matt | Windsor and Detroit wedding video at the Dearborn Inn.

Their wedding story together began in childhood,

and they really have journeyed together to reach this point. Developing through their childhood, into adulthood, staring challenges directly in the eye, and conquering those challenges together had really strengthened their love for each other. The experiences they’ve faced together has really made them inseparable.

Christine mentioned that some of her favourite wedding videos she’d seen from others was when there was audio overlaid into the video. Seeing Christine and Matt interact with each other, how they joked and laughed together, we just knew we would be in for some beautiful speeches. Speeches that would leave not a single dry eye amongst the large gathering of friends and family, many whom traveled from all corners of the Earth to witness the union and marriage of Christine and Matt.

Matt’s speech for Christine was one of the most touching, original, genuine and eloquent speech that we’ve ever heard. It took a lot of composure, and love, to deliver his speech from the bottom of his heart. There really is no way we could describe the beauty of his words for her. You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

We would like to thank the Curtis and Hanna family for all their hospitality.

Congratulations once again, Christine and Matthew!

Credits for the wedding film production:

Video: Samson, John, Herman
Audio: Herman
Lighting: Herman
Editing: Love story – Samson; Highlights – John

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Some of our own personal favourite moments from this wedding:

The totally kickin’ Jeep cufflinks and cake for Matt, Christine’s surprise song at the wedding reception, the jazz band playing some great dance tunes, discovering a gorgeously restored vintage jeep perfect for photo and video opportunities, breath-taking sunsets.

The ceremony was held in Windsor, Ontario. For the reception, all several hundred of the guests, family, and friends crossed the international borders to celebrate in Dearborn, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, Michigan. We can proudly call Perfect Shutter — Detroit wedding videographers and Detroit wedding cinematographers now! We love traveling, and expanding our borders and horizons to include not just Windsor videography, but to film wedding videography in Ontario, Michigan, North America, and beyond.