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Terri and Jon

Thank you so much for the video – we finally got around to watching it last week (we had a premiere at my parents’ house – Jonathan’s parents drove down from London, too), and we were blown away! You guys captured the day so perfectly – it was exactly as we remembered and we were thrilled that you included some behind-the-scenes footage that neither of us had seen that day. We feel so lucky to have this keepsake of our wedding day and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing such a great job. Please forward our thanks to Samson and anyone else who helped.

Stacey and Marc

The wedding video is absolutely beautiful….we LOVE it! Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful video- you really captured the sentiment of the day! Thank you for your help John, and again, thank you so much for your very hard work and creativity!

Victoria and Mark

What can I say… you are good at what you do!!! This is soooo awesome and wonderful and great and better than I could have ever imagined!!! I love it!!! Thank you so much!!! I am so blown away right now. You and Samson are so talented. I am always going to look back on this video and feel exactly how I felt on my wedding day. I cannot stop smiling right now. I cannot wait to show off this video to my family and friends!!!

Tam and Brittany

The video package is stunning. We love it. Our family loves it. Our friends love it. A sincere thank you to you and the Perfect Shutter crew is highly deserved.

Kelly and Warren

It’s amazing…. Oh my goodness, I love it! We really enjoyed the video and I know we will cherish it forever. You are extremely talented. I’m so glad that you guys covered our wedding!! Thanks so much!!!!!!

Renee and Corey

I just wanted to let you know we loved the videos! The music was perfect and you guys really captured some great moments and feelings. Thank you so much for creating such a special way for us to keep those memories – so vivid and so full of love! Thanks again.