About us

Perfect Shutter is a boutique wedding videography / wedding cinematography studio filming in Windsor, London, Toronto, ON, Detroit and beyond. We also film commercial videography by special request.

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John | Perfect Shutter Studios John … craves poutine. all the time. enjoys modding the mitsubishi lancer. is a break dancer with all the fancy moves. cherishes hanging out with his daughter.

John | Perfect Shutter Studios

Brian | Perfect Shutter Studios Brian … loves a cold one. plays classic RPG games. an explorer of the great outdoors — camping, beaches, hiking. you name it. watches old horror flicks.

Brian | Perfect Shutter Studios

Samson | Perfect Shutter Studios Samson … races cars. is a street fighter 2 champion. programs computer coding. loves to buy new tech gear. can’t resist sushi. hates cleaning his house. a master griller. knows how to train a puppy and make it obedient.

Samson | Perfect Shutter Studios

Herman | Perfect Shutter Studios Herman … has sprained one ankle too many playing basketball and volleyball. enjoys a good, thick, juicy steak. reads graphic novels. likes to play doctor in the hospital. eats too much ramen noodles for his age. really wants a hammock.

Herman | Perfect Shutter Studios