Personalizing your photo booth rental with custom templates

Thank you for choosing the photo booth for your wedding or special event.

After you’ve submitted your retainer fee to hold your date for the photo booth, it’s time to sit back and relax (or finish planning the rest of your wedding!). At about a month before your photo booth date, we’ll be in touch with you to start planning the design of the custom photo booth templates if you purchased the Premium Photo booth rental package or if you purchased the template add-on.

Our professional graphics designers will custom design a personal template just for you.

You could be adventurous and give our talented graphics designers the freedom to come up with a beautifully designed template and surprise you. Or, you can roll up your sleeves and be an active part of the design process as well.

Most clients show us their wedding theme and colours and our graphics designers will artistically create the template to look cohesive with your theme. You may even send or email us one of your invitations if it contains a particular design you like!

From classy elegant, to retro vintage, and anything chic and stylish in between, your template will be designed to give you a unique and personal photo booth rental experience.

A variety of unique photobooth templates to choose from

You’ll get to choose from one of the templates below to start the design process.

The standard photo without customized template.


Please contact us for information on availability for your photo booth rental.

Template #1. Large square banner. Top right corner.

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Template #2. Side banner with circle or box insert.

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Template #3. Horizontal T

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Template #4. Single sidebar

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Template #5. Custom Photo Booth Strips

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Our design team can customize any template to your liking. There are more Premium Designer Photo Booth Templates you can check out, we can get any of those templates and customize it to your needs. Ready to book?

Please contact us for booking information and availability for your photo booth rental.