VIDEO: All Things Go – To Chicago with Samson – Since becoming professional wedding videographers, has your interest in the art been affected?

Watch the video above and read Samson’s full blog post about his trip to Chicago.

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This week’s question:

Since becoming professional wedding videographers, has your interest in the art of videography been affected?

I’m sure many professional wedding videographers and photographers get asked this question quite a bit. And I can see why. There’s a certain thought out there that work should be just that, work, and not be mixed with pleasure. It’s a reasonable question because if you did one thing for work all the time, couldn’t that leave you bored of it?

When Samson and I were in the initial stages of floating the idea of doing professional wedding videography, we first made a promise to ourselves. Whether our wedding videography and photography business was a smashing success or an utter failure, we promised that we would never lose sight that we were doing something that we actually loved. We had been serious hobbyists in photography and videography before we started Perfect Shutter.

We will admit that we have less time now than before now to just shoot videos or photos for the fun of it. Many of our weekends are now spent capturing and filming the magic of our brides’ and grooms’ weddings. But the interest in it has never wavered. We could actually say that we’re even more interested in the art of videography now than ever before.

Becoming professional wedding videographers has really put us on an exponential learning curve, because film making and videography is an art. So we are constantly pushing ourselves to better our craft, experimenting with different shots and angles to keep our artistic vision fresh. Sometimes our experiments work, and we’re beyond proud of our work. Sometimes a shot doesn’t work, but we are still happy to have the opportunity to try it.

A great example of this is Samson’s recent short film he produced while vacationing in Chicago. He mentioned the temptation was certainly there to bring his point and shoot camera to capture some of the memories, without all the extra work of bringing professional camera equipment and then doing a full production edit afterwards. He decided to be ambitious and try produce a film that would evoke a different sense of emotion than one would feel when watching our normal wedding videography films.

Chicago is a city of bright lights and grandeur. With this in mind, he tried to film it from the perspective of Micah, the bright-eyed one-year old in this video, or of a visitor to Chicago for the very first time, or even someone returning to the city after a long absence.

Don’t forget to read his full blog post too about his trip – link is at the top, under the video!

– Herman