A video of a photobooth rental in action!

Photobooth = happiness.

One thing we’ve noticed whenever we had a photo booth rental was how everyone genuinely had so much fun taking their photos. We got to see the raw emotions of happiness — people laughing out loud, waiting anxiously by the printer for the 10 seconds while the photo develops, gathering in groups to judge their latest adventure into the photo booth. It was awesome, and our brides and grooms have always been delighted to see how their photo booth rental had become a huge hit.

Love, friendship, and memories in the photobooth.

We also get to see the purest feelings of love displayed in the photos: a group of friends, packing themselves into the photo booth to make the silliest faces possible. an elderly couple — perhaps the grandparents of the groom? — sneaking into the photo booth for their millionth kiss together. and the bride and groom themselves, bride in groom’s arms, for one of their first kisses together as husband and wife.

At one of our latest photo booth rentals in Windsor, we tried to capture some of these emotions onto video. We hope you get a sense of what we see regularly on the weekends.

Unleash the party and unleash the love with your very own wedding photo booth!

Information and photo booth availability

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