A fun-filled Kingsville Photobooth Rental | Alexsandra and Pritish

A fun-filled Kingsville Photobooth Rental | Alexsandra and Pritish

Alexsandra & Pritish, a spectacular wedding celebration at the Mastronardi Estate Winery in Kingsville, Ontario

This past weekend we were invited to Alexsandra and Pritish’s celebration at Mastronardi Estate Winery. We have not been to Mastronardi Winery in a little while and noticed they have done some major renovations again. The outdoor venue is now a full functional indoor venue! Everything matched perfectly with the theme of the wedding. From the minute we arrived, we knew that this was a party crowd. Their guests started the party immediately after arrival and went on for the entire night. Everyone partied in our photo booth and we have some pretty interesting pictures… This was a super fun crowd and we are so glad that everyone had a blast. A special thanks go out to Eadie and Laura from Mastronardi for being such great hostesses. Thanks so much Alexsandra and Pritish for inviting us to such a fantastic event and congrats once again!

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Photo Booth Collage - Alexsandra & Pritish - 2016

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