All new modern design for your upcoming photo booth rental

It’s been over three months in the making. You’ve spent months planning out the most perfect wedding for you and your fiance, you decided to have us for your photo booth rental. Well, this is our end of the bargain. We’ve poured in hours brainstorming, planning, and designing. And here is the final product…

An all new, modern, and sleek design to our booth for your upcoming photo booth rental! Our previous two photo booth designs worked well, but when we came to your wedding reception, not only did we have a blast celebrating with you, we also learned a thing or two and thought of ways to improve our photo booth.

We increased the overall available width of the booth.

We noticed that your friends gathered all the rest of their friends, who in turn grabbed a couple more friends, to take their photos inside the photo booth. We’re big fans of the saying, ‘The more the merrier!’

There are many photo booths out there which limit the number of people that can fit inside, for instance by forcing you to sit down in an enclosed space. We decided to do away with seats and went with a more open concept. We want you to get the most out of your photo booth rental. And that means getting as many people in the picture as possible! With the increase in interior room space in the booth, we’ve seen up to 15 people get comfortable and gather inside to capture that one amazing photo.

Sleek, sturdy brushed aluminum framework.

Your wedding guests are all going to be having a great time, talking, laughing, and enjoying great food and drink. The last thing you want to worry about is having the photo booth rental become a disaster, leaving your guests, unfortunately, without any of the photos you promised them. We contracted an engineer to custom design the photo booth frame to be built from aircraft-quality aluminum. If the aluminum can withstand flights in high winds at 25,000 feet, we can be pretty sure it will be plenty sturdy to hold some fun-loving wedding partiers!

An easy to use touchscreen LCD monitor.

At some of our other photo booth rentals, some of the guests had mistaken our display monitor for a touchscreen monitor. Problem solved. Just press the monitor now, and the photo booth will start taking your photos. The monitor displays a preview of your photo before and after the shot is taken!

We’re really excited to unveil this new design for all our upcoming photo booth rentals. We’re really honoured that you’ve chosen us for your wedding!

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