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Samson. owner. videographer. photobooth.

It’s been a long-time dream of Samson’s to produce and direct a film or movie. He is self-taught in the craft of photography and videography. For now, producing wedding films satisifies that childhood dream of his.

Samson is also a techie and gear junkie. “I seriously feel like a little kid at Christmas time playing with all the fancy toys, bells, and whistles we have in our equipment bag. Each piece serves a purpose, and that is to deliver to our brides and grooms the highest production wedding video they can invest in.”

He graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Computer Science. His working career provided him several great experiences, from working for MGM Grand Casino to the Windsor Ontario Police Force as a systems programmer.

Samson and Herman together designed, planned, and had a manufacturer produce the photobooth. “We had a very clear picture in our mind of how the photobooth should perform and look so that we can provide the best photo booth rental experience to our clients.”

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling with his wife, tinkering with his car, and trying to not get too frustrated on the golf course. With a new baby daughter now and many diapers to be changed, though, he won’t have much time to lament about the state of his golf game.

John. owner. videographer.

He loves the technical aspects of videography, but his favourite part of the job is when the video is delivered and the couple is able to share it with all their friends on Facebook. “It’s incredibly satisfying seeing all the compliments and positive comments from all the couple’s family and friends,” he says.

My daughter is also my best friend. I’m a big kid at heart, so I truly love and cherish the time that we spend together just goofing around. Whether we’re camping out in a homemade fort, checking out a local festival, or riding our bikes down to the park — we always have a blast.

John graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration. He worked as a financial analyst for seven years, but then turned a photography and videography hobby into a business. His hobby has grown into a passion and he now devotes himself full-time to wedding videography and cinematography.

In his spare time he enjoys traveling, reading anything and everything online, finding cheap and delicious new places to eat, and spending time with his daughter.

Samar. editor. colourist.

Samar is our Final Cut Pro Certified video editor and colourist. She loves the challenge of editing a unique video together to reflect the couple’s individual personalities. “In a way, editing is like writing a book. I have to convey the emotions, the details of the situation and the environment, all in a way so that the viewer feels as if he or she were there to witness the wedding. Instead of using words, however, I get to write their story through moving images and sound.”

Samar earned an Honour’s Degree in Communication, Film and Media studies from the University of Windsor. Her rigorous education allowed her to be certified as an Apple Final Cut Pro editor, while aiming for her second certificate in Colour Correction in the near future. She has worked on may different film sets, and taught a course in editing software at the university.

One of her passions includes travelling. “I’ve traveled to many different continents, and it’s fascinating to learn about the different cultures. Especially intriguing to me is how other cultures have so many different beautiful wedding traditions, but in every case there is always the common link of love. In the end it’s always a couple sharing that connection of love, faith, and happiness.”

Kara. manager.

Kara is our business manager who keeps the gears greased and wheels turning. She graduated with Honours from the University of Windsor in Business Administration and plays an important role in the day-to-day working of Perfect Shutter.

“Sometimes the guys get really excited about a creative idea they want to try out in their next wedding film and start to talk about it for a long time. I help out and make sure everyone gets their T’s crossed, I’s dotted, and that all their projects are delivered in a timely manner. At times it’s difficult when they’re this passionate and excited about their work, but someone’s got to do it, right?” Kara says with a chuckle.

She loves the art of cuisine and is always trying out new, delicious recipes.

Gabe. photobooth.

Gabe is our Windsor photobooth manager. If you’ll be having a photobooth party in the area, there’s a great chance that he’ll be there to host the photobooth for you.

“After each photobooth rental event I host, I love preparing the photos to be uploaded to our website. I see the genuine happiness and fun in the celebration that previous night.”

Gabe is an avid bicyclist with a love for the outdoors. One of his dreams is to bike across the country to raise money for a good cause.

Gabe - Perfect Shutter - Windsor Photobooth head operator

Mary Kate. photobooth.

Mary Kate is one of our photo booth experts. She loves seeing people use the photo booth for the first time, and seeing their reactions as they pick up their photos — “laughing and smiling guaranteed,” she says.

She graduated from the University of Windsor in Kinesiology, and enjoys a match or two of tennis and battling some rapids kayaking in her free time.

Mary Kate - Perfect Shutter - Windsor Photo Booth opeartor